Website Design Considerations: Building a Sales Funnel

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Building A Sales Funnel

Hey Team!
Whew! We have done great things! 

Alright! That sounds great! We just sit back and relax. Right?

Well, not exactly. Ready for the next step? 

Making a Sales Funnel

We are trying to make a sales funnel.

       Wait…What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is simply the fancy marketing term for the journey potential customers go through on the way to a purchase. 

We know that on the internet there are a lot of websites competing for people’s attention. There are a lot of things on that smart phone or computer competing for attention. What we are trying to do is attract people to our site … and attract as many people as possible!

How do we attract people to our website again?
   We attract people to our website by trying to:

  • produce great content
  •  rank for keywords
  •  provide value to customers

That way Google will say  “Hey! This is a really valuable website!”
And Google will bring people to us from a lot of different walks of life, for a lot of different terms. What that does is gives us a lot of people in our sales funnel. 


Once people are aware that we exist, the next thing we have to do is try to convert them into a lead. 

They hit the website     we spend that first 5 seconds trying to inform them then we entice them with our calls to action in that first 30 seconds

We want them to engage with those calls to action….those shopping carts, the contact forms, the FREE downloadable e-book, the limited time offer sale. 

We are trying to get information. 
We are trying to sell a product or service. 
We are trying to establish our authority right away. 
We want  a lot of people to be aware of us, or attracted to us so they visit our website. 

Then we funnel it down — and funnel it down — becoming more and more specific to your target customer as we go. 

The shorter our funnel the better, because that means people are converting. So we don’t want the funnel to be too tall, we don’t want too many steps in the process.

We are trying to make sure that people can get somewhere, if there is no call to action then people came to our website, are aware of our site, but not aware of our products or services.

If people are aware of our products and services, but can’t do anything about it, then we are not cultivating them as leads. We are not making potential sales. 

Website Design Considerations

We have to keep this sales funnel idea in mind when we consider how to design our website. It is like building a web of pages, where we want people to be able to come to our website from as many possible directions as we can.  Then we need to make pages for specifically what people are asking

If you have a service in a local area, then you need to have a page dedicated to that specific service in that specific local area.

If you have 5 services, then you need a separate page for each of those 5 services…for each area that you service so that you are answering the exact question searched, you are providing the exact service someone searched for in the exact location they searched for it in. That helps to make sure that they convert into an actual lead. 

It is not always as simple as “I want a website. Let me just make this cool homepage.”

You may be thinking, “Yeah, yeah….but I have an About Us page AND a Contact Us page too?!”

OK….those are all good pages….but we need to make specific pages to answer the questions and provide value to our customers based off what they are looking for. 

Let’s Do It!

This is where we are going to go as we try to get our customers.  First, get through that first 5 seconds. Then, make sure we are funneling those prospects towards a conversion for your business by making pages and content specifically for what your customers are looking for.  

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