Code Of Entry

There are so many things to do in the world of information technology.  Keep up to date with the latest technology, track an endless number of metrics, store and secure a vast amount of data. How are you supposed to keep up?

Let us help. Basically a team of hybrid computer dorks meet super heroes, we can keep you up to speed and assist in a variety of ways.

Who are we

Other than you new best friends, of course!

You can sit around planning to learn about something new, or you can learn it.

We are here to help reduce the barrier to entry to new technologies, or just the things you need to be successful. We are professional technical advisors, cyber security specialists, data scientist, cloud experts, and just all around dorks, you got us. We’ve spent an unreal amount of hours trying to figure things out, sort out the good from the bad, and try to stay on top of things.  There must be a better way, that is where we come in.  We are creating a place to get help, advice, or even have a good debate.  Welcome to Code of Entry.

Our audience

As we see it, we have three main groups we can help.

The Beginner (Not for long)

You are a beginner that is interested in learning and looking for the starting point.  Once you figure out how to start, there are many ways to get better and learn, but getting started can be tough.

The Experienced Professional

You are experienced, but the tools and practices you are using are today’s, or worse, yesterday’s technologies.  In an evolving world, you have to evolve too or be left behind. You are great at what you do, but it’s hard to work today and prepare for tomorrow at the same time. You want to continue to add value, and here you are. Well, it’s the right place.

The Leader

You are a leader. You are busy running an organization or team and need the right technical advice.  You are completely capable of making decisions if you have the right information available, but there are so many resources and so much to go through you need the cliff notes.  We’ve got you too.

Information Streams


Join us on your commute or during your workout. We can chat about what is going on and have discussions with truly innovative minds. Whether you want to talk about web development, DevSecOps/SecDevOps/DevOps(...), great tools, cool services, data science, certification and their value, cyber security, Quantum, to AI, there is a lot of ground to cover.


How many sites have tutorials produced by professional faculty that have served at world class universities? Not many. We'll put our experience and modern pedagogy to work for you. Trying to figure out what this data science thing is? Want to know where to download and start playing with some new tool? Want to theorize about uses for blockchain or AI? Is "Big Data" really a thing and should you be paying those expensive companies?

Tech Reviews

Years of serving as technical advisors in DoD has led to a lot of exposure to very cool technologies and regular travel to the biggest conferences and companies. It has also led to some cool opportunities to see what small innovators are doing. We take a good look at some of the shiny objects and let you know if they are as good as advertised or are really too good to be true.

Tech News updates

There are a lot of news articles, websites, LinkedIn articles, and experts telling you all about the wonderful world we live in and salivating over the path that Moore's law has taken us. Here is where we are different, we won't just tell you about the headlines, but we'll tell you what we think about the headlines. Every story has two sides, we'll try to defend our position, but at least we'll take one based on our experience, not what you are trying to be sold.