Inbound Marketing for Search Engine Optimization


Inbound Marketing For Search Engine Optimization


Consumers today are bombarded by millions of marketing messages EVERYDAY

Outbound Marketing is OUT!

Outbound marketing, like interruptive ads, direct mail, and cold calling, just don’t work anymore. 

The reason? It’s simple. 

Now there are all sorts of way to block out messages you are trying to get through. People are more in control of the information they receive.

So, yeah! The whole outbound marketing thing isn’t doing the job anymore. 

Inbound Marketing is IN!

Today, in order to attract potential customers, marketers have to provide them with something they ENJOY! 

That’s where Inbound Marketing comes in. 

It’s an approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your product, by creating quality content that they enjoy, and converts them into life long customers, using blogging, interactive tools, social media, SEO, and a bunch of other strategies. 

Let US Help!

And we, at Code of Entry,  do inbound marketing at it’s best! 

We write engaging blogs with powerful keywords, make video podcasts, search engine optimize your content, promote on social media, and create potent calls to action that drive visitors to your landing pages. 

By publishing the right content in the right place, at the right time, your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers. 

Also, we analyze the success of your marketing campaigns and determine which areas need further optimizations for future success. 

Why Inbound?

Inbound marketing is more effective and creates more leads. Even better, it costs 60% LESS than outbound marketing! 

The difference?  You spend less, but get more results. 

Code of Entry is Here to Help!

If you would like to put inbound marketing to work for you, we have an expert team of inbound marketers with real world marketing experience to help you increase leads, customers, and revenue. 

We make sure that you are not only growing your websites traffic, but also getting the RIGHT kind of traffic. 

Get in touch with us to find out exactly what Code of Entry can do for you! 

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