Project Lantern

We are here to help on your technology journey.

We are committed to enabling access to technology and high quality digital services around the world and in a variety of economic conditions. That is why we launched “PROJECT LANTERN”. We plan to light the path to a digital world for all as we teach the Code of Entry and bring more people online. If you fall into one of our target categories for Project Lantern or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us for special pricing.

Project Lantern Target Categories

Membership Sites

Bringing people together is one of the core principals of the internet. We have created a standard site for maximum reuse that targets organizations to help them communicate and operate. Get online with us and save you money for your own events and contributions to society.

International Sites

We have all the tools needed to build and host great sites. Just because you aren’t in the United States doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet to it’s maximum. We can help you get online, leverage best in class online tools, and help streamline your business as we help light your path forward.

African Lantern

The first phase of African Lantern is the establishment of our African Lantern website, launching soon. This will be a crowdsourcing type site used to raise money for business ideas in Africa from investors around the world. Create your pitch or find companies to invest in, all from your computer.

Membership Site

Have an organization that needs a home online? Something you can use to communicate with your members, schedules events, and even collect dues? We have a site build for you that does all of this, for a reasonable flat fee, and you’ll be live and ready to conduct your business.

The base site comes with everything you need to create a social group, share messages, create a community, book events, and accept membership payments.  Want to know more, because we offer such a great deal, please contact us to talk about your custom quote.  This isn’t an upsell, we just can’t publish how crazy low this price is.

International Sites

We’ll use our best in class templates to spring board you and your business forward. We can set you up with English language or Multi-language sites and offer advanced capabilities to get you online. Part of our business is the desire to give back and spread technology to everyone. This is part of our passion, let us share it with you. Because we offer our services at such a reduced rate, we would like to talk to you about our services, so contact us!

African Lantern

We have developed a site to help pair donors with business in Africa so they can partner to make many dreams a reality. Use our website to find opportunities, or use it to pitch your ideas to others to make your idea the next big thing. If you are interested in learning more, or partnering on the launch of African Lantern, let us know!