Website Design Considerations: Sales

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Website Design Considerations: Sales

Shut Up and Take My Money

Hey Team! 
SALES! So, here is a topic I really like talking about! 
We’ve talked about:

But Sales, now that’s where it’s AT! I jokingly talk about this step….this is the step where your visitors are thinking “Ok, just shut up, and take my money already!” 

And that is what you WANT the customer to be saying. You want them enthusiastic about the product because you have given them all the information they need to make the decision of what service or product they are going to choose. And they have decided IT IS YOU! 

Best Feeling E-V-E-R! 

Not everybody is going to be that “hands-down” enthusiastic about your product or service… but you will find those people….and you should feel that way about your own products and services.


By being enthusiastic about what you do or sell it helps you sell your products or services. It will help you convey the right message on your website because people can’t really SEE you or INTERACT with you from your website. They don’t know who you are on the other side of that computer screen. You need to make sure there is great copy on the website so the customer knows you are an expert in the field. So they know you are passionate about your industry. They know that choosing you is the right move because you are the expert. And you, the expert, have taught them, they customer, so they KNOW they are making an informed decision. 

Great Copy

You need great sales copy and videos online to talk to your website visitors about your products and services. This copy and/or videos will  prove you know what your are talking about, and will show your customer that you are the real deal. 

We are presenting things to the customer. It is not always about selling a product. 

You eat, breath, and drink your industry. You are the expert in your field. You have more first hand knowledge of the questions your customers are asking. 

We at Code of Entry would rather be content partners with you. By you, the expert, writing your own content and letting Code of Entry help you optimize that content for online use….that is the way you are going to generate the most sales. That is how you are going to generate authority. That is how your are going to build relationships. And those relationship is what drives the sales. 

How do we convey “Shut up and take my money” ? 

Ok, this all sounds good so far…but how exactly to we get our customers to want to say “Shut up, and take my money”?
1. First we make sure people can get to our website.
2. Next, we make sure people can find what we are trying to sell on that website.
3. Then, we EDUCATE!

We educate the visitors to your website on what you are selling. We make sure they know its good, and that is not just “good” because we say so. But it is good because we are experts. We need to educate them all the facts that they should consider when deciding which company to purchase from. 

Give Me Some Examples

Let’s use an example in our industry. We wrote an article on The Top Web Hosts. Guess What? We are not on that list. We provide hosting services and we do it really well. But what we would rather do is teach our potential customers about hosts, what they should consider, what the trade offs in the space are.  We educate them so that they can make the decision for themselves or they can come to us (the experts) and let us host for them. 

The same thing with cloud providers. We did a review of cloud providers and now our customers can pick for themselves or they can come to us and have us work on their behalf. It is about giving people that knowledge, making sure they are comfortable making the purchase. 

You Got This!

Education is key when proving to potential customers that you are the experts in your field. That you are the real deal. The more information you provide them, the more informed their decision will be, and the more confident in your company they will be. 


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