Should You Hire a Social Media Coordinator?

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Should You Hire a Social Media Coordinator? If So, When? 


Social media has become integrated into the life and work of people around the world. In the United States alone, over 308 million people will log onto at least one social media platform this year. For businesses, a social media presence of some kind is nearly a necessity.  


As part of a broader sales and marketing program, social channels can increase engagement with customers and potential customers, leading to more leads, sales, revenues, and profits. However, while most business owners understand the importance of engaging with social media, many find the prospect overwhelming or don’t have enough time to adequately manage an online presence. 


Many organizations begin with a small, organic social media footprint. At first, owners and managers may find some success with limited input. However, as companies grow and the social media landscape becomes more complex and competitive, there comes a time to raise the question of whether or not to hire a social media coordinator. That may mean hiring an employee dedicated to social, working with a digital advertising firm, or choosing from one of many digital marketing consultants. 


Leaders must consider several factors when deciding if and when to bring on dedicated help for social media management. Most businesses need to be very careful about expenses and can’t afford to bring in someone too soon. On the other hand, waiting too long may cause undue stress on an organization and limit the potential of social media’s power to grow a business. Still, how will you know if it is time to hire someone to focus on your organization’s social media presence? Below are some signs that it may be time. 


1. You have run out of time to focus on social media 

No matter what type of business you are in, you have a lot to deal with. You may, at first, find that it doesn’t take too long to write some posts, schedule some Tweets, or share some images or videos. However, as your business grows and your social media footprint along with it, time becomes more precious. Unfortunately, when you are in charge, there always seems to be something more urgent than social media. This often means that this effective way to grow your business gets put on the side burner. 


2. Your social media presence is inconsistent 

One of the most significant determiners of social media success is consistency. That means posting on a regular schedule and sharing things that are consistent with your company and brand. If you become overwhelmed with other parts of running a business or your social media strategy becomes too complex for the amount of time you can dedicate, consistency is the first thing to suffer. Once consistency falls away, effectiveness is not far behind. 


3. You do not see results 

Too often, when companies see a lack of results from social media, they invest less time and energy. That may seem intuitive, but it risks missing out on the dividends social media can deliver. When you do not see results, the problem may be a lack of consistent, intentional effort. 


4. You have trouble finding time to interact 

Businesses can find themselves in trouble when they don’t have the time to monitor their social media accounts and interact with customers. Interaction is expected on many platforms, and organizations that don’t pay attention not only miss out on results but may also find their online reputation suffering. 


Is Now the Time for You to Hire a Social Media Manager? 

Every business is different. In addition to the signs mentioned above, owners and managers must also consider additional factors such as budget, staffing, and other unique organizational challenges. Whether it is the time right now or at some point in the future, it is critical to keep an eye on maintaining the resources necessary to make the most of the possibilities presented by social media. 


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