Talent Selection and Identification

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Are you looking to hire new employees? Shuffling through a pile of resumes, trying to figure what exactly it is that you are looking for? Not looking forward to the process of a long string of interviews? Let us help you figure out exactly what it is your business NEEDS and help you find it.

Selection and Identification? What’s the difference?

Talent selection gives results today, whereas talent identification is building winning teams for the future.
Both are valuable. But you must ask yourself, “What is your company looking for?”
Ask yourself, “Do we need the project to be finished NOW, or do we have time, are we building the foundation of our company for the future?”

We can help you form a team with experts, support staff, and interchangeable resources. We start with defining the timeline of a certain achievement, task, etc. and work our way back from there. Then we set criteria fit for the timeline and start a process to identify the right people.

Looking to identify talent to grow with your company? When identifying talent for development, it requires not only an accurate evaluation of their current performance, but their potential to fulfill the requirements of more demanding positions. Often performance and potential are confused, or considered one in the same.
We can help you understand the differences and the best way to measure them. Code of Entry can help you sort out the best ways to measure not only performance but also potential.

Measures of high potential can be accomplished using many different methods, including:
– Muli-rater surveys
– competency model development
-assessment centers simulations
-interviews with key personnel
-comprehensive evaluations

We want to Be On Your Team.

Code of Entry can help you evaluate these options and create a talent identification process that best fits your current needs and your company’s leadership development and succession planning initiatives.