Starlink - Internet from Space

Elon Musk is taking on the internet, from space, because, why not… he is Elon Musk after all so it will probably be awesome, if we can wait for it.

In late 2020 Starlink will being offering internet service to the masses, from high above the Earth.  The premise is that a mesh of revolutionary satelites will beam internet to every corner of the world, providing speeds once reserved for urban areas to … well… everywhere.  The launch will start in higher latitudes where the globe is skinner and the first Starlink satellites are in orbit.  Being based from the nation’s new Cyber Capital in Augusta, GA (yes, really), it will be a while before I can personally experience the greatness that is SpaceX power internet access.

The Starlink satellites will sit in orbit around 200 miles above the Earth’s surface and communicate with phase array antennae, much like those used by the military’s Patriot missiles (Patriot is actually an acronym starting with … phased array). The satellites have been placed in orbit during all of the SpaceX test launches occurring in recent years as Elon Musk tries to take over the world, well, ok, outer space, and privatize the space industry.

So while you might not get great internet on your flights (after we deal with this pandemic), you will be able to get internet at any terrestrial location and likely your next trip on a Space Cruise powered by Space X. Oh, and just because they can, the self driving tech from the Tesla cars in being reincarnated to allow the satellites to avoid other objects in the sky.

If you are interested, you can sign up to get information from Starlink about their launch at their website:

My dream of retiring to an island somewhere was always hampered by my want for internet… yes, computer dork here… but not anymore. Thank you Elon.

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