Website Design Considerations: Lead Generation

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Lead Generation

Hey Team!  Are you ready to talk about lead generation?! 

We’ve got our great website
We’ve kept people around 
Those people found something of value

…. and now we are ready to get that lead!

We are going to have a homepage that people can scroll down, they find something interesting that they can click. That click leads them to a form they can fill out. And  that is exactly where we want them.
We want them filling out their information or purchasing a product. 

How do we get these leads? 

First, we have to look at it from that sales funnel perspective again. We are going to make good content, we are going to have pages for exactly what people are looking for, whether a product or a service, and we are going to get that content out there.

Google is going to see our content and say “Wow! This is exactly what someone is searching for!” So when someone goes to a search engine, they find our page.

Then we pass the 5 second test, we pass the 30 second test….elevator pitch complete!

Where are they coming from?
Now we have someone who is ready to convert. We get the leads from the search engines, we pass them through the sales funnel– so they go from an “unqualified lead” who just found our page, and we are going to qualify them. They are interested, they want to buy our product or service, and we are going to give them more information. And finally, we close the deal. 

There is some middle ground, of course. We have people getting to the site, and they might bounce. Hopefully we have enough people coming to the site that even with a bounce rate we still have enough people moving down the funnel. 

Capture Their Info!

The next step is to get their information! Get an email address, have them fill out a contact form, get a purchase, or a sign up, or a demo. There are a variety of ways to captures leads information. 


We want good content. And I mention content a lot….because it is really important. Code of Entry has a content service, however, we would rather our teammates in the industry, the owners/operators of the business that know the ins and outs much better than we ever will,  help make the content.

We have a team who can come and teach you all about how this question/answering format of content works. Or you can outsource content generation and we can help the best we can. We will check in and make sure it is content that you will be proud to claim as your own.

That content gives us a chance to capture leads. It is answering a question that somebody asked and gives us the opportunity to ask in return “Did we miss anything? Is there something else you are interested in learning about? Let us know here.” and they can fill out a form.

And More Content

Another option is  maybe we’ve created an “Ultimate Guide” to something, or someone giving away a free ebook, or white paper…but to get those you have to put in an email address. So again, it is value.

We want to exchange our value, for their contact information. Refer a friend and get a discount. Use this coupon code and just by providing your email address. There are lots of ways to do it. But we have to get the information.


Once you get the information, you get the lead captured, we can start to engage them. They might leave the site and not covert immediately. But if we have passed that 30 second audition, particularly if we’ve gotten an email address, somebody has expressed an interest, a hint to do business with us.  They have said “I recognize your authority.” Then, we can start to email. 

Put that info to good use!
Maybe start an email campaigns where you provide more value. Maybe they are not in the market for your service or product today, but if and when they are in the market you will be at top of their mind. Maybe a friend will ask. “Hey! I was trying to figure out the best way to ______.” And your lead can say “I read a great article online. Let me send you the link.” 
Best thing we can do is to add value. That will help us generate leads. 

Website Design Considerations
Make sure you have places on the page to capture those leads. This website is not there to just be a static billboard that doesn’t really do anything for us. 

With everything we do, we have to consider

  • How can we get people on the page?
  • How can we capture their information to keep them engaged so we can make the sale?
  • After we make the initial sale, how can we keep them coming back? 

Your visitor has checked out! That’s great news! But let’s not just let them check out and leave, never to be heard from again. Let’s make sure we get their phone number, and/or their email address. Let’s make sure we have an option to sign up for our newsletter or promotions.

That’s It!
Bottom line: Stay engaged in every step, provide great value, great service, and keep people coming back

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