What are the benefits of social media marketing? 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial part of running a successful business no matter the size or industry. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of SMBs are failing to take full advantage of this powerful marketing weapon. Here, we’ll highlight some of the primary benefits of a robust social media marketing strategy so you can gain a better understanding of how this strategy fits into your overall business model.  


Boost SERP ranking.  

Businesses are always competing with each other for ranking on search engines to get in front of a particular audience. Although social media marketing isn’t exactly the same as search engine optimization (SEO), it still plays into your business’s SERP ranking. The higher the quality of your social media presence, the more likely you’ll be to rank high in SERPs. It’s that simple.  

Increased conversions.  

At the end of the day, businesses care about sales. If a strategy doesn’t lead to conversions, then it’s simply not worth the investment. Social media marketing ticks this box too! With a comprehensive SMM strategy, a majority of your customers can come from social media sites. As people engage with your brand, they’ll be more compelled to end up buying your products or using your services when they’re ready to pull the trigger.  

Improve customer service.  

Social media marketing isn’t just about exposure, it’s also about boosting the customer service experience. When being active online, you’re effectively meeting customers where they spend their time. This makes customers feel more understood and heard by your business while also giving your team a chance to get ahead of possible customer issues to resolve them efficiently and successfully.  

Build authority in your niche. 

Brand authority is a powerful status to hold in your industry as it positions you as the go-to source whenever your target audience has a question or wants to make a purchase. You can build this authority in many ways, but one of the most effective approaches is being active on social media. Posting valuable, informative content consistently will inevitably build your brand’s authority.  

Get a personalized SMM strategy for ultimate growth.  

Understanding the importance of social media in your business’s success is only half the battle. The other part is knowing how to build, implement, and maintain an effective strategy. That’s where Code of Entry can help! We offer professional, comprehensive SMM strategies designed specifically to meet your business’s unique goals within its budget. Contact us today to learn more about our marketing solutions and how you can benefit.  

 Utilize these strategies today to get the ball rolling on your social media marketing! 

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