What are the best tools for SEO?

best tools for seo

Search engine optimization or SEO can be difficult to understand, particularly when you’re new to digital marketing or have a company that’s in its infancy. However, there are easy SEO tools that you can implement, and we’ve compiled them here so that you can start to see results.

Remember, SEO is a long-term solution for digital marketing, and the benefits will grow as you continue to utilize them, so be patient, put in the time and energy, and stay the course. 

Affordable SEO

If you’re a new or small business just getting into digital marketing you may want to start with the tools that are free and easy to understand. Start with writing out your potential keywords, which are the words associated with your product and or services that your consumer is searching on the web.  

Once you have that list, you can use a free keyword, keyphrase, and long-tail keyword tool online such as KWFinder, to compile what will be your optimal list of words to include. These words should be featured in as many places on your website as possible. Try to include them in the title of webpages, blog posts, and as anchor text for backlinks. This helps web crawlers read your page, digest the information and rank it on a search engine.   

Tools To Use


Once you have a list of keywords, you want to track how they’re doing for other companies, and a tool you can use is Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest helps companies not only identify their keywords but the “search intent” behind them, meaning the reason a searcher is looking on google. This represents the objective behind the question. This tool gives companies valuable information on their consumer as it shows what the pain points are in the target audience’s life and how you can market your product or services to solve that problem.  

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Google Trends

Perhaps the most helpful SEO tool for companies regardless of what stage they’re in is Google Trends. Google Trends offers data and insight into the trends around your keywords and business objectives. It allows companies to see how keywords are doing in the US and abroad, with specificity on who is searching for your product/service and where they’re located. Knowing the geographical locations of your consumer helps companies know where they should be focusing their efforts. It also gives you information on the queries over time so you can track how consumers are changing their interests so companies can strike at the right moment.  

Content Marketing Services

SEO goes beyond the words you use.  The design of your website and content marketing strategies are also important to SEO. Video content, podcast, email marketing blast, and blogs all help to increase SEO. Beyond increasing SEO, these digital marketing strategies build brand awareness, increase consumer trust, and build brand loyalty.   

Code of Entry

There are many companies that offer SEO services that can help you create a digital marketing campaign that can increase your search engine ranking such as Code Of Entry. 

Code of Entry offers a variety of affordable SEO services to provide a comprehensive approach to get you ranking. We use a nuanced blueprint to get your organic traffic to increase, at a pace that works for Google. Like many things in life, SEO is a prime example of what you put into it, you will get out of it.

Contact Code of Entry to see how we can help your company of their SEO journey. 

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Whether you need our digital services or consulting, we can help. We are named Code of Entry because we have years of experience figuring out how today’s technologies operate and work together, and also where to look to be prepared for tomorrow.

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